Thursday, December 20th  5-9pm

Artifact Events | CHICAGO

Left to right: Venue entrance Artifact Events Chicago | SoH Vendors, a.favorite design, Green Beetle Shop and Pennyknot

vendor application

* applications are now open *

This application is for our 1-day December 20th show NOT our 2 1/2 day show in November.
Applications are CLOSED for our November 2018 event.

event details

Show of Hands last-minute Holiday 2018

Artifact Events  AKA Architectural Artifacts
4325 N Ravenswood Ave • Chicago
*one block east of the Montrose Brown Line El Stop

Thursday, December 20th 2018
5pm 'til 9pm

what to expect from the show


For this special, 1-night / 4-hour Last-Minute Holiday Shopping Event, we're looking for a select group of quality artists, designers & craftspeople to sell their goods to an estimated 2K+ shoppers.  This fun, gift-centric show will take place Thursday, December 20, 2018 • 5-9pm at the amazing Artifact Events aka Architectural Artifacts (just one block from the Montrose Brown Line El Station), in Chicago, Illinois.

To get a feel for the type & caliber of vendors we're looking for, please check out the list of vendors for our upcoming show (Holiday 2018).  These are top-notch designers & business owners who all individually add something amazing and unique to the show as a whole.  For this particular event, we'll be looking for vendors who are offering more "gift-able" products... including (but definitely not limited to) sweet treats, candles, bath & body products, holiday cards, gift wrap, jewelry, accessories, ceramics, novelty items, packaged food items, kids toys and apparel, and much more!
Bonus points to vendors offering gift sets, items with seasonal themes/flavors/scents and/or promotional offers, like BOGO or holiday discounts!



Also, please keep in mind that we are extremely careful not to over-saturate any one product category at the show.  The last thing we want is for shoppers to feel like there is too much of a particular thing!

*Please note: if you don't see a business like yours represented on our past vendors list, that does not necessarily mean that you're not a business that we would consider including.  Many of our favorite vendors are new businesses in categories that are hard to define!

Left to right: SoH Spring 2018 Vendor Flora Botanical Skincare, Our venue Artifact Events, SoH Spring 2018 Vendor No Kitchen Sink


  • Since this show is a 1-day (4 hour) show that encourages last-minute and thoughtgul-but-impulse/quick buying on the part of our shoppers, we will be asking our vendors to simplify their product offerings, show promotions and booth displays.  See TABLE FEES below for more specifics about setup restrictions for this show.
  • Vendors applying for a STANDARD FULL 8FT TABLE will be provided with an 8ft folding table and 2 chairs in an approximately 5x8' space.
    Don't worry > we'll give you plenty of room on either side of your space to get in and out from behind your table during the show!
  • Vendors may also apply for a SHARED TABLE = 2 Vendors sharing 1 8ft Table
    *See "TABLE FEES" below for additional information on SHARED Table Spaces.
  • There are a select number of table spaces located against a wall and/or near electricity.  In the weeks leading up to the show, we will contact vendors regarding these (or other) special requirements;
    *while meeting everyone's requests is not always possible, we will do our best to accommodate as many vendors as we can.
  • Promotional postcards & posters will be provided to all vendors beginning the weekend of our Holiday 2018 Show (November 16-18).  These will help spread the word about the show by mailing to your best customers, handing out at other shows you're exhibiting at + posting all over town!
  • Other promotional tools include a dedicated Show of Hands website, Instagram feed @showofhandschicago, Twitter feed @showofhandschi and Facebook Page




  • entire 8ft Folding Table
  • (1) 8ft Folding Table and (2) Chairs included
  • 50+ Standard Table Spaces available
  • Products/display must be confined to tabletop; no additional tables, fixtures or shelving allowed without approval. Freestanding signage is allowed.


note: Sponsorship cannot be added to SHARED Applications


  • 30x48" space on an 8ft Folding Table
  • (1/2) 8ft Folding Table and (1) Chair included
  • Less than 10 SHARED Table Spaces available!
  • Products/display must be confined to tabletop; no additional tables, fixtures or shelving allowed with Shared Tables. Freestanding signage is allowed.
READ ON for more important information about SHARED Tables...


  • If applying for a SHARED Table, you must make arrangements with another Vendor to share your table.
  • For this show, we will not be pairing up SHARED applicants.  If you apply for a SHARED Table without listing a 2nd Vendor, your application will not be considered.  No exceptions.
  • Due to the smaller overall number of vendors (only 50-60) in our Last-Minute Holiday Show, the number of SHARED tables available is extremely limited.
  • All vendors applying for a SHARED Table must EACH individually submit their own SEPARATE Application Form + $25 Application Fee.  You will be asked to provide the Company Name of the Vendor that you have pre-arranged to share with in the Application Form.
  • If you are accepted to participate in the show with a SHARED Table, it is your responsibility to work with your booth partner in advance of the show to determine how you will share setup, display space, signage, manning the booth, load out, etc.
IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that we consider both vendors when deciding if an application is accepted or rejected.
Simply put, this means that if one vendor in a Shared pair isn't accepted, the other vendor will not be accepted either, by default.

wanna be a sponsor, too?

While all participating vendors will be extensively promoted simply by participating in the shop, VENDOR/SPONSORS will also receive the following:
  • your business info and/or logo on all promotional print materials (postcards & posters, etc.)
  • mention in all press releases
  • your logo on feature signage at the show
  • a highlighted listing in our show directories
  • permanent listing on our website's Sponsors Page
  • additional press opportunities leading up to (and following) the show, available only to sponsors
 Spring 2018 Sponsors

Spring 2018 Sponsors

 Holiday 2017 Show Postcards

Holiday 2017 Show Postcards


In order to be considered for participation in SHOW of HANDS Last-Minute Holiday 2018, you will need to submit the online application and pay a $25 Application Fee by Friday, October 5th, 2018 at 12 midnight CST.

a $25 application fee is required + non-refundable*

*This fee covers administrative costs associated with receiving, managing & reviewing a large quantity of vendor applications prior to each show.

  • please do not contact us on or before October 13th to ask whether or not you've been accepted to the show
  • any application submitted with incomplete information will not be considered
  • any application submitted after the deadline date/time will not be considered
  • any application submitted without the accompanying application fee will not be considered

  • The online application (link at the bottom of this page) will ask for your company information and contact details. In order to see your work and evaluate whether or not you'd be a good fit for our show, we ask that you provide us with a link to your website*, as well as a brief description of your work.

    Please be sure that the website you submit has clear, easily accessible images & information that represent your most current work, and the work you plan on bringing to the show.
    NOTE:  Etsy shops and other online shopping platforms are acceptable;  Facebook pages & Instagram feeds WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

      right : Jenny from  Three Letter Birds  showing off her Vendor Badge //  left : a shopper browsing  FuzedProducts  booth (Spring 2018)

    right: Jenny from Three Letter Birds showing off her Vendor Badge // left: a shopper browsing FuzedProducts booth (Spring 2018)

    cancellation policy

    If you choose (or are forced) to cancel, you will receive a full refund, less the $25 Application Fee, if and only if we are notified of your cancellation before Thursday, November 1st 2018 (6 weeks before the show).  ANY CANCELLATIONS MADE AFTER THIS DATE WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND.
    *Vendors are not permitted to sell, trade or give away their booth space for any reason.


    As either a business or an individual selling goods to the general public at this event, you will be required to charge & pay Chicago/IL Sales Tax (10.25%) regardless of where you/your business resides. Don't worry if this is a new thing for you. If accepted, we'll provide further information and answer any and all questions that Vendors have about selling, licensing, paying taxes, insurance, etc.

    All participating vendors will be asked to provide one of the following:
  • a Certificate of Insurance for their business, or
  • a signed waiver provided by Orange Beautiful LLC, SHOW of HANDS Chicago, and Artifacts Events in order to release liability for any damage you may cause to the space, the antiques in the space, if you are injured while in the space, etc.
  • Don't let this scare you... it's common practice for an event space to insure that they're not liable if something unforeseen happens.

      left : Shamus of  Real.Soaps  talks soap with shoppers //  right : Michelle of  Michelle Starbuck Designs  completing a sale with a happy customer

    left: Shamus of Real.Soaps talks soap with shoppers // right: Michelle of Michelle Starbuck Designs completing a sale with a happy customer


    Please click the APPLY NOW image below to start your application.  All applicants will fill out the same application form, which will ask for some information about you, your business, your products, etc.  Once you have completed the form, a $25 Application Fee will be added to your Shopping Cart.  APPLICATIONS RECEIVED WITHOUT AN ACCOMPANYING APPLICATION FEE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.  No exceptions.


    to the email provided in your application

  • If you are ACCEPTED, you will receive a request for your Table Payment and follow-up information regarding the show.  You will be included in all updates, events & promotions in advance of, during, and after the show!
  • If you are DECLINED, it either means that we've run out of spaces (in a specific category, or in total) or that we don't feel that your work is the right fit for our show at this time.
    If you have any additional questions or concerns not addressed above, or elsewhere on this site, please don't hesitate to contact us any time. We're here to help!